The Benefits of Seeing a Headache Specialist

There are an endless number of people who suffer from migraines and various types of headaches. Some of these people suffer from them on a weekly basis and some of them even suffer on a daily basis. What is unfortunate about chronic headaches and migraines is the fact that a large number of medical professionals tend to overlook some of the more common triggers of them. The Charlotte Headache Center is home to a medical professional who decided to take a completely new and different approach to both diagnosing headaches and treating them.

Dr. Harrell, the founder of the Charlotte Migraine Headache Center, has provided dental care to individuals living in Charlotte for nearly two decades. He has firsthand experience with the fact that several different types of dental problems can be triggers of chronic and painful headaches. At, they used advantaged dental technology to analyze your jaw and your mouth to pinpoint exactly what is causing your headaches to occur so frequently. In a large number of cases the headache specialist charlotte nc is not only able to find the problem, but they are able to treat it as well.


When Do You Call a Headache Specialist?

You call a headache specialist when the diagnosis your doctor has given you for your chronic headaches is unclear. You also reach out to a headache specialist when the diagnosis is clear and you are not happy with the treatment options. Unsurprisingly, a large number of individuals will also contact a headache specialist when they go through recommended treatment from their doctor for headaches and migraine headache treatment the treatment is not successful.

In order for seeing a headache specialist to do you any good, you have to be a person who is willing to follow-up with your appointments and listen to the specialist's advice. It does not do you any good for them to make recommendations on a supplement you should start taking or something you should stop eating if you do not listen to them.

When you go in for your first appointment it helps to have a written list of your concerns, problems, and symptoms. Some detail as to when you usually get headaches, how they feel, how long they last, and what they prevent you from doing is a good idea. These are all questions you will be asked anyway. The specialist needs to know everything they can about your headache in order to properly diagnose and treat you.

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